What Is the Correct Order for the Molly Murphy Book Series?


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The first four books of the Molly Murphy series are: "Murphy's Law," "Death of Riley," "For the Love of Mike," and "In Like Flynn." The next three books in the series are: "Oh Danny Boy," "In Dublin's Fair City," and "Tell Me, Pretty Maiden."

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The order of the next four novels in the series is: "In a Gilded Cage," "The Last Illusion," "Bless the Bride," and "Hush Now, Don't You Cry." The last three, as of 2015, were published in the following order: "The Family Way," "City of Darkness and Light," and "The Edge of Dreams." The title of the Molly Murphy novel to be published in 2016 is "Time of Fog and Fire."

The first seven books of the Molly Murphy series by Rhys Bowen were published between 2001 and 2008. Seven more books have been added to the series since then, and another is set for release in 2016. This series begins when the main character, Molly Murphy, commits a murder in self defense and flees her home country of Ireland. She runs away to New York City and quickly becomes the prime suspect in a new murder case. Molly decides to try and find the killer by herself.

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