How Do You Copy a DVD to Another DVD?


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To copy a DVD to another DVD, find and run software that backs up a high-quality version of the information on DVDs. Insert the DVD into the DVD-ROM on a computer, select the DVD Disc source option to store the information in a temporary file and start the upload.

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Once the data is saved, eject the original DVD from the DVD-ROM drive, and replace it with a blank DVD. This prompts the software to start copying the information to the blank DVD. If the software does not start to copy immediately, there is likely a button to click that says something along the lines of Start or Copy.

There are several DVD copying software programs that can be downloaded from the Internet to your PC or Mac. Check the specifics on the program to ensure that your computer meets the system requirements for the best outcome. The better programs cost anywhere from $40 to $60. Find a software that supports many formats, such as AVI, PAL and NTSC, to ensure there are not any problems copying home movies, TV or video files. To copy TV shows or multiple short videos, the software should be able to break down the individual episodes instead of creating one long video.

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