What Are Some Cool Panting Display Easels?


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Some cool easels to display paintings include A-frame easels, H-frame easels, tabletop and single-mast easels. The type of easel that works best for a painting depends upon the desired display effect, the size and weight of the painting, and the primary media used for the artwork. While artists with limited studio space may prefer wallmount easels to save on space, others using weighted materials may find the heavy-duty H-frame easel more practical.

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Other types of easels include tabletop, hybrid, giant and French easels. Hybrid easels offer the greatest variety of uses and typically feature a shape similar to the H-frame easel. Hybrids work best for artists who use multiple mediums and require a flexible display. Like wallmount easels, single-mast easels also save on space but do not provide as much stability as an A- or H-frame model.

Those looking for an easel with style should consider a French easel, which folds down into a carrying case, has adjustable legs to suit multiple canvases, and can serve as a tabletop display. French easels also often have a storage compartment to allow the artist to work on the go and in any location.

A-frames and other easels also often allow for mobility with a fold-in option. These easels are typically lightweight and accommodate fewer mediums.

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