What Are Some Cool Ideas for Sculpting?

What Are Some Cool Ideas for Sculpting?


Possible sculpting ideas include miniatures, figurines, animals, jewelry components and doll parts. Artists often sculpt projects such as these using clay or other similar media. Artists can also create abstract sculptures with more unorthodox supplies, such as recycled books.

Popular miniatures and small figures to sculpt from clay include flowers, dollhouse furniture and household accessories, food, and cartoon characters. Jewelry designers may choose to sculpt original beads and pendants to incorporate into their designs.

For beginning sculptors, the 4 Crazy Kings blog offers a step-by-step tutorial illustrating how to sculpt a simple clay owl. More advanced sculptors can consult the Doll Maker's Dream website for a tutorial on how to sculpt a female face.

Popular clays for home sculpting projects include polymer clay and modeling clay. Artists harden polymer clay sculptures by baking or boiling them. Many modeling clays air dry over a period of days or weeks. Artists can also work with various kaolin and stoneware clays, which must bake in a high-temperature kiln.

Sculptors can also choose to work with more unusual sculpturing materials. In 2013, Charleston's Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art hosted an exhibit showcasing various sculptures and other mixed-media art pieces that artists created from books.