What Was the Controversy Surrounding the Carman Licciardello Divorce?


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As of 2015, the Christian singer and evangelist Carman Licciardello has never married and has not been the subject of any divorce controversies. In an interview with Cross Rhythms, Licciardello stated that he planned to focus on serving the Lord until the right woman came into his life, explaining that the Bible says single people have more time to think about God.

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In March 2015, Licciardello responded to a supporter who asked whether he intended ever to marry on his Facebook page. His answered that he has no present plans to wed, but he is open to the possibility. He further told the supporter that he is the type of person who is content with whatever stage of life he is in for the time being. He stated that he could see himself being happy whether he lived in a bus, on a farm, in a hotel or in a mansion. Additionally, he explained that he sometimes finds himself in the presence of many people and is completely by himself at other moments, and he is fine in either scenario.

Licciardello finished off his answer to the Facebook supporter's question by stating that he prefers wanting something he does not have over having something he does not want. He chooses to wait for the right marriage partner over marrying the wrong person for the sake of getting married.

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