How Are Contestants on Wheel of Fortune Screened?


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A person can apply for Wheel of Fortune online or by attending a "Wheelmobile" live event. Once selected as a potential contestant, she would attend a final contestant audition for a 2- to 3-hour multi-event audition.

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If selected for a final audition, the potential contestant would be one of about 70 people invited to participate in a mini game of Wheel of Fortune. A staff of contestant coordinators watch to see the personality of people to get a feel for how they would appear on the show. They are looking for people who show excitement and enthusiasm. All possible contestants then take a 5-minute written test. The contestant coordinators take the tests out of the room to grade them. The potential contestant group is then narrowed down based on the test scores, the impression given during the test game and the pool of future contestants already waiting for an invitation. This smaller group plays another round of the game and then leaves. The contestant coordinators take notes and make a final decision after the audition. Potential contestants who pass the audition are notified by mail, but it may take 18 months before any notified contestant is placed on a show.

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