How Do Contestants Play "Deal or No Deal?"?


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In "Deal or No Deal," a contestant is presented with 26 briefcases that range in cash value from $0.01 to $1,000,000. Without knowing the contents, the contestant chooses one briefcase to set aside. The contestant then eliminates the remaining briefcases one by one and is shown their cash value.

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How Do Contestants Play "Deal or No Deal?"?
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As the dollar values of the remaining briefcases are revealed, the contestant can better gauge the dollar value of the briefcase he originally set aside. During the elimination process, the contestant is intermittently offered cash deals by The Banker. The contestant can accept the deal and end the game or say "no deal" and continue to play for the contents of the briefcase he chose at the beginning of the game. If the contents of the eliminated briefcases are low, increasing the chances that the contents of the selected briefcase are high, the deals from the banker get more and more tempting. On the flip side, if a briefcase with a large amount is revealed, the banker's deals might go down.

If no deals are taken throughout the course of the game, the game is played until the last remaining briefcase is eliminated, and the dollar value of the briefcase that was set aside is revealed. The contestant wins the dollar amount of the original briefcase chosen.

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