How Do You Contact a Journalist?


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To contact a journalist, identify the journalist you want to contact, get an introduction and write to him. Meeting the journalist in person helps to get the best result.

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How Do You Contact a Journalist?
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Identify a journalist who may be interested in the message you want to convey. Craft an email asking a precise question that can be answered in a short time to increase the chances of getting a response. A good strategy is to get an introduction through a mutual friend or acquaintance. LinkedIn is a good resource for finding mutual connections to ask for an introduction or ask to use the connection’s name in the email.

An effective email to a journalist is personal, just like writing to a friend. Journalists typically get formal emails which lack human touch, and so they may not be motivated to respond.

Show that you respect the journalist’s time. A good email conveys the desire to meet but also acknowledges that the journalist is busy. Make reference to an upcoming event that the journalist is attending and express desire to meet there for a quick, formal introduction. This increases the chances of scheduling a meeting at a future date.

It is important to have a legitimate reason to contact or meet a journalist. Use the channels of communication that the journalist has specified through his publications such as Twitter, LinkedIn or email to increase the chances of successful communication.

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