How Do You Contact the "Dear Prudence" Advice Column?

How Do You Contact the "Dear Prudence" Advice Column?

Send an email to to contact the "Dear Prudence" advice column as of 2015. To get advice, send emails in the form of questions, which the writer for the "Dear Prudence" column may answer online. The Dear Prudence advice column was created on December 20, 1997 and is produced by the online magazine, Slate.

"Dear Prudence" answers reader's questions several times a week online. It is also syndicated in approximately 200 newspapers. "Prudence" is a pseudonym for one of several writers who have represented "Dear Prudence" over the years. The current writer is Mallory Ortberg, who took over the column from Emily Yoffe on Nov. 9, 2015.

Emily Yoffe wrote the column from Feb. 9, 2006 and until November 2015. With the introduction of Slate's video magazine, Slate V, Yoffe also answered questions via video. She also hosted chat sessions and interacted with readers via Facebook, Twitter and in the Comments sections on the Slate website.

Herbert Stein was the first "Dear Prudence" writer. His first column was published on Dec. 20, 1997. Stein wrote the column for three months. After he stopped, the column went on hiatus until March 1998, when it returned with Margo Howard as the column's writer. Howard is the daughter of Ann Landers and wrote "Dear Prudence" until February 2, 2006.

"Dear Prudence" writers respond to questions ranging from the common to the unusual and controversial. Readers are encouraged to share their opinions on "Dear Prudence's" advice, even if they disagree. Sometimes, questions and their responses are revisited, which generates additional conversation.