What Are Some Comprehension Questions for "Frindle"?

Comprehension of the book "Frindle" can be checked with questions such as, "Why is Nick trying to avoid being the teacher's favorite?" and, "Did Nick like the report?" Other questions parents or teachers can ask kids are, "What did Nick compare his talk with Mrs.Granger to?" and, "What was tough for Nick about being courageous?"

A question to check understanding of chapter one is, "Who suffered from Nick's gossiping?" The answer is "Janet." To test students' understanding of chapter two, teachers can ask, "What does Mrs.Granger love?" The answer is "the Dictionary."

For chapter three, ask, "What did Nick ask Mrs.Granger, and what was her response?" Students should explain that he asked her where dictionaries come from, and she gave him an assignment.

"What does Nick think about the report?" checks comprehension for chapters four and five, and the answer is that he thinks it is boring. To analyze chapters six and seven, children can answer, "Why does Mrs.Granger ask to speak with Nick after class?" The answer is that he disturbed the class.

For the final chapters of the book, ask, "How did parents and teachers react to the popularity of Frindle?" In the book, parents and teachers dislike it and try to stop it.