What Are Some Components of Biographies Written for Kids?


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Biographies for children largely have the same components as those for adults. However, they present the information in a simplified manner more accessible to a person with a less-developed vocabulary and fewer points of reference.

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Biographies for children, like those for adults, tell the story of another person's life but do so in a way that children can understand and relate to. Most children's biographies are about inspirational figures, such as Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln or Helen Keller. While some of the experiences in these individuals' personal narratives may be emotionally difficult to digest, biographies for children present their experiences in a way that does not distress, frighten or upset children. Children's biographies offer a means for young people to learn about the adversities, triumphs and accomplishments of important historical figures, inspiring young readers to chase their own goals and pursue success.

The language used in these books tends to be simple and readily understood by anyone with the ability to read. Furthermore, any references to cultural or historical events that would be considered basic knowledge for an adult are usually explained to children, as they may not be familiar with them. Authors of biographies for children should take no piece of information for granted as a given known to the reader.

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