What Companies Verify Signatures on Paintings?

Freemanart Consultancy, Art Experts and ArtBusiness are businesses that authenticate paintings and artistsメ signatures. Foundations established to honor artists also can provide information about authentication. Information on how to find an authenticator is available through The Appraisers Association of America, Inc.

One source of information about authentication is museums and foundations established to promote and preserve an artist's work. While these foundations may not have their own authenticators, they often can refer art owners to those who provide such services.

Freemanart Consultancy has over 40 years experience in art research and investigation. Its experts work with owners to establish provenance, proof of who actually owns the painting, and authenticate the painting as a genuine work by a specific artist through applied forensics, including infrared photography, multispectral imaging, pigment analysis, ultraviolet photography and x-ray examination, and through academic research. Because authentication is expensive, Freemanart recommends a モpre-authentication assessment,ヤ fee of $185, as of 2015.

Art Experts also provides art authentication services that include academic investigation as well as scientific testing. Established in 2002, the company's network of professionals is dedicated to モoffering reasonably priced research and analysisヤ with fees starting at $100. ArtBusiness and consultant Alan Bamberger offer similar services, and will verify an artistメs signature, if possible, for a fee of $95.