What Companies Sell Plans for Building a Tiny Home on Wheels?


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TinyHouseBuild.com, TinyHouseTalk.com and Tiny-Project.com sell plans for tiny houses on wheels. The house plans include a variety of amenities and options, including loft space with stairs, composting toilets, propane heat and standard size kitchen appliances. Owners can build the houses on or off the grid.

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The tiny house movement encourages people to move into small homes of 1,000 square feet or less. Advocates of this lifestyle also encourage people to live simply. Small houses have square footage between 400 and 1,000 square feet, while tiny houses are 400 square feet or less. Some tiny houses are as small as 80 square feet. The tiny house movement became popular during the economic crisis of 2007 and 2008 because living in a small house is more affordable.

Buyers must consider several issues before purchasing tiny houses. The American Tiny House Association strives to educate people on safety and quality issues with tiny houses since amateur builders may produce unsafe or low-quality houses. The Association has tips on its website for owners to work with their local governments to get proper zoning permits. Local regulations may prohibit owners from parking a tiny house on wheels on their own land because zoning may require dwellings to be secured to foundations and have minimum square footage.

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