What Companies Offer Campaign Slogan Makers?

What Companies Offer Campaign Slogan Makers?

WinYourCampaign.com has pre-made slogans for winning an election. Websites such as SloganGenerator.org and Sloganizer.net allow users to type in a keyword and have a slogan instantly generated.

WinYourCampaign.com is intended specifically for campaign slogans. As of 2015, the website advertises over 200 election slogans. The topics available include change and the future, leadership, experience and trust, town and community, and choice. The site also includes slogans for school and law enforcement elections.

With slogan generating sites, users enter in a keyword. The generator adds the keyword to a pre-made slogan. Examples of such slogans include "[keyword] makes everything better" and "not your average [keyword]." Users can also type a name in and come up with slogans such as "[Name], a tough act to follow," and "Everyone loves [name]."

SloganGenerator.co is another example of an online slogan generator. Using the generators is typically free. Sloganizer.net allows users to make a script in the service center and add it to a website. Users can also set up the slogan for use as a message board signature.

Slogans need to have key elements to make them effective. A slogan should tie to the campaigner's message. The message should tap into core values such as safety, justice and fairness. Finally, slogans have to be memorable.