What Are Some Common Free-to-Use Wedding Poems?

What Are Some Common Free-to-Use Wedding Poems?

Some common and free-to-use wedding poems include "Yours" by Joanna Fuchs and "The Invitation" by Oriah. Other common wedding poems are Maya Angelou's "Touched By an Angel" and Emily Dickinson's "It’s All I Have to Bring Today."

Angelou's wedding poem "Touched By an Angel" discusses how love brings both pleasure and pain. Angelou says that boldness erases the fear that love might bring pain. She says that even though love often comes at a great cost, love is the equivalent of light. Angelou ends her poem by saying that love sets people free.

Another wedding poem by Fuchs, titled "Yours," says that happiness begins with a wonderful wedding day. The married couple shares everything, and love lasts throughout time. The writer congratulates the marrying couple and calls the couple husband and wife. The author wishes good things for the marrying couple.

In Dickinson's "It's All I Have to Bring Today," the writer says that her heart is all she has to bring to her partner on that day, but then she adds that she brings the fields and the meadows for her partner as well. The writer also says that she brings to her partner the bees that dwell in the clover.

In "The Invitation," the writer states that she doesn't care what her partner does for a living, but rather what her partner is passionate about. The writer goes on to ask if her partner wants to risk looking like a fool in order to find love.