What Are Some Common Things to Draw?


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Many artists choose to draw objects that are part of their daily lives, including food items such as fruit, scenery such as buildings or trees, or people such as family members or friends. Other popular subjects include landscapes or still life arrangements of objects. Abstract or non-representational art is also a popular subject ; with this type of art, the focus is not on drawing a realistic portrait of a specific object but rather on depicting a collection of shapes and lines that work together in a pleasing way.

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Portraits of people are a very common idea for drawing. Artists may choose to draw people they know well and sit with them while they draw, or they may choose to draw quick sketches of people in motion, such as children at play. Animals such as pets or wild creatures can provide a similar source of inspiration. Groups of people or animals are also popular.

Similarly, nature is another common subject. Scenic views are a good choice for artists who prefer to take their time and draw a very detailed image. Mountains, rivers and beaches are all suitable subjects for this sort of work. Drawings that focus on nature can also focus on specific small objects, such as a single leaf or tree.

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