What Are the Most Common Sounds in the Game Show "Jeopardy"?

The most common sound on "Jeopardy" is the theme song which is played at the beginning of the episode and during Final Jeopardy. Other sounds include the sound effect of the board filling with questions, the Daily Double sound, and the sound made when a contestant runs out of time.

At the beginning of "Jeopardy," the host says "This is Jeopardy!" as the iconic theme song plays. A series of tones play as the board fills up with the dollar amounts and questions. This happens during the Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy rounds. If a contestant attempts to answer a question but runs out of time without answering, or if no player chooses to answer the question before time runs out, a sound of three short notes is played. A laser-like sound plays when a contestant selects a Daily Double question. The audience applauds if the player answers correctly. During the Final Jeopardy round, the "Jeopardy" theme song plays as contestants consider the question.