What Are Some Common Plot Twists in Western B Movies?


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Running on minimal budgets in order to make mass production, Western B movies of the 1930s tended to rely on one primary plot twist: that of the hero serving as a reformed outlaw relocating to a new town where no one knows of his past. Other plot twists include a former partner finding the reformed man and wreaking havoc on his life and a falsely accused man hiding out from the authorities.

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B Westerns often featured the hero seeking revenge for the deaths of his family. In an effort to create more suspense, this was occasionally combined with the murderer being the hero's previous partner in crime. Most of the Westerns of this time ended on a positive note with justice found and wrongs that became right.

Other commonalities among most B Westerns included a nearly all-male cast, even down to the hero's horse, the primary relationship centered on the hero and his accomplice rather than the hero and a love interest, and ranch hands that frequently played backup band in the tale. Low on plot development, yet high in action, most activity revolved around fistfights, gun showdowns, stampedes and chases. The villains in B Westerns were almost inevitably spurred by greed, while the heroes overcame injustice through a series of fights.

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