What Are Some Common Features of Sculptures Made by Austin Productions?


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Sculptures made by Austin Productions vary greatly in style, as the works are credited to many different artists, but many of them are figurative (either human or animal) sculptures, cast in metal or stone. Some sculptures feature exquisite detail and expression, while others are more abstract, featureless representations of human figures and emotions.

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Austin Productions sculptures tend to be figurative, though each artist has his own stylistic interpretation of the human or animal form. Thematically, Austin Productions sculptures tend to capture a sense of daily life, love or emotion. Figures are seen locked in a romantic embraces or picking flowers, while others are engaging in activities such as playing polo.

Human figures are sculpted in both in action and repose, but all are depictions of common, everyday activities such as football, golf, cartwheels or simply sitting quietly with a beloved pet. Sculptures of animals capture them either in movement or in a traditional bust. Materials used vary between metal and stone.

Figurative sculptures are mostly bronze or terracotta, while more abstract works, such as Lovett's sculptures, are done in limestone or wood. Pricing of Austin Productions sculptures varies widely, ranging from approximately $15 up to more than $200, depending on the artist and vendor.

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