What Common Features Do Modern Bungalows Have?


Some common features of modern bungalows are balanced exterior proportions, a modest front porch, a focus on a garden, and an open and informal floor plan. The modern bungalow design was influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement that sprung up during the late 19th century and early 20th centuries.

The external proportions of modern bungalows are generally balanced but asymmetrical, in contrast to other more traditionally symmetrical dwelling designs. The front porch is also generally large in modern bungalows and includes a front stoop. One component of the Arts and Crafts movement emphasized a link between the dwelling and the natural land around it, so bungalows often incorporate a focus on the surrounding garden into their design.

The colors and textures that are used for bungalows also help to connect the architectural design with the nature surrounding it. Browns, greens and off-whites are the most common color schemes because of their earthy tones. This connection between the dwelling and nature is continued within the interior of the bungalow as well. The open and informal floor plans allow for a large amount of light to enter the dwelling, and floors and built-in furniture are normally constructed from various types of woods.