What Are Common Features of Dome Home Floor Plans?


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Common features of dome home floor plans include multiple bedrooms and bathrooms spread over two floors. Spacious kitchens, as well as separate living and dining rooms, are included, as well as covered porches. Some include second-floor balconies that provide overviews of the living spaces below. Additionally, they are heated by either wood burning stoves or fireplaces located centrally on the first floors of the homes.

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Dome homes are some of the most eco-friendly houses available as of 2015. Because of their round design, exterior space is limited. This leads to a higher heat retention during winter months, as well as the ability to stay cool during the summer.

The curved shape of dome homes makes them highly impervious to dangerous weather conditions. They can resist winds up to 500 mph, and the lack of a roof lessens the damage of a hurricane. Dome homes can be further protected by building them into mountainsides. The shape of the dome provides enough strength to fight the weight of snow, ice, landslides and avalanches. They are also resistant to the effects of earthquakes, and with the installation of a Hepa filter system and the use of fire resistant coating, a dome home can survive forest fires.

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