What Are Some Common Fair Rides?


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Common fair rides include the Merry-Go-Round, Sky Glider, Kamikaze, Bumper cars, Ferris Wheel and Spider. Additional rides commonly seen at fairs are the Matterhorn, Scrambler, Wipe Out, Tilt-A-Whirl, Star Flyer and Roller Coaster.

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Many fairs tend to have a giant slide or a water slide. A free fall ride and giant swing ride are also popular. Often there is a haunted house or a fun house. Fairs generally offer a variety of flat rides, gravity rides and vertical rides. Many fair rides have age and height requirements. Sometime these rules are more relaxed if riding with a parent or adult.

Fairs commonly have a Kiddieland or other area specifically for children. Some children's rides commonly found in these areas are the Kiddie Whip, Kiddy Slide, Gators, Convoy Race, Dragon Wagon and Flying Tigers. Generally, children must be over 2 years of age to participate. Adults may accompany their children on the ride.

Fairs will normally have a list of rides with age and height requirements available online. In addition, there are often fair ticket deals and ride package deals, for both adults and children, available for purchase online. Fairs also offer a variety of contests, games, entertainment, culinary delights and other attractions.

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