What Are Some Commmon TV Channel Frequencies?


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Channels 2 through 13 of over-the air television occupy frequencies between 54 and 216MHz of the VHF band, and channels 14 through 83 occupy frequencies between 470 and 890MHz of the UHF band. The various cable television channels occupy frequencies between 7 and 552Mhz.

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Two systems exist for delivering television programming: the over-the-air television system, in which television signals are transmitted over the air by radio waves and received by a television antenna, and the cable television system, in which transmission occurs as radio frequency signals through coaxial cables or as light pulses through fiber-optic cables. TV channel frequencies in North America are different for over-the-air and cable television systems, but a channel of either system occupies a bandwidth of 6Mhz. For instance, over-the-air channel 37 occupies the bandwidth between 608 to 614Mhz, and cable channel 37 occupies the bandwidth between 300 to 306Mhz.

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