What Are Some Comforting Death of a Child Poems?

The Compassionate Friends, a support network for those suffering the death of a child, uses on its website the poem "First Encounter" by Sascha Wagner in order to comfort bereaved parents. The copyrighted poem, which appears in the book "The Poems of Sascha Wagner," sold by the support organization, begins with the line, "When grief first enters our life, it tends to invade us."

The poem "Your Compassionate Friend," by Steven L. Channing, supports parents grieving the loss of a child and contains the line, "Your child has died and you need to be heard." Channing wrote the poem after the loss of his teenage daughter to suicide.

GriefHaven offers many poems to comfort those who have lost children, such as "My Child, My Friend," by Denise D'Andrea, and "After Their Death," by Judith Pordon. Susan Whitmore, a mother who lost her daughter to cancer, operates the website. It offers space for visitors to the site to share comforting poems with other grieving parents. The poem "Please See Me Through My Tears," by Kelly Osmont, includes the line, "The memory of my child's death will always be with me." The poem "Roses," by Joanna Wullschleger, talks of a mother's love for her deceased daughter. "Memories of Patience," by Stacey Alderman, expresses the author's grief for her 4-year-old daughter.