What Comedians Tell Clean Funny Jokes?


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As of 2015, Jeff Allen and Jim Gaffigan are comedians who tell clean funny jokes. Both comedians refuse to use foul language and crude behavior in comedy acts, and they have become successful with the use of clean comedy.

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Jeff Allen grew up with a large amount of cursing in his household. When he first started stand-up comedy, he filled his act with curse words. After struggling with his career, he decided to try dropping the swear words. Allen took his son with him to his nightclub shows and paid him 25 cents per curse word he accidentally said. After completely getting rid of all curse words, Allen claimed his stories got funnier.

Allen found that by getting rid of the curse words, he had to try harder to come up with funnier material. Allen also became a practicing Christian, but he claims his religion is not what made him change his act. However, Allen has claimed that his religion has helped him become less angry, helping his comedy routine.

Jeff Gaffigan is a father of five children and claims he is happy to do comedy that his kids can enjoy. His wife also co-writes some of his material. Gaffigan’s success has led him to his own show on TV Land titled "The Jim Gaffigan Show."

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