What Are Some Free Colored Fonts?

Free color fonts are available at Free-Fonts.com, the FontFactory.com and ASubtleRevelry.com. Free-Fonts.com has 31 color fonts that are free for download, as of 2016. The fonts include Colored Crayons, Sixties, Midnight, Brookes and Marie Eve. This site also features 54 color fonts available for purchase. Site users can save fonts in a favorites folder, browse through popular font searches, and access links to similar font sites.

The FontFactory.com also offers colorful fonts for free such as Blackboard, Blasphemy, Bleeding Cowboys and Blossom. The fonts feature different colors in a wide variety of styles. This site hosts over four pages of free color fonts, as of 2016.

ASubtleRevelry.com offers 25 free colorful fonts available for download in a wide variety of looks and styles. Font names include Rose, Peony, Mum, Lily and Marigold. The fonts are simple and clear in style, easy to read, and usable for a variety of projects and applications.

Color is a powerful tool in typography. The eye notices color quickly. Color fonts can often evoke a mood or help to make information more accessible and understood. Objects depicted in words that reflect their real colors can help with recognition. By the same token, using words such as pink banana, rendered in the color pink, can be creative and playful.