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On June 1, 1980, Cable News Network launched, making it the first 24-hour cable news network in the world. CNN, based in Atlanta, Georgia, began officially at 6 p.m. that evening, and the first story it covered was about the assassination attempt on civil rights leader Vernon Jordan. Less than 2 million homes across the United States had access to CNN when it first began its programming. The channel was founded by Robert "Ted" Turner.

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In the first years following its inception, CNN lost money and became the butt of many jokes among the news networks. However, the network continued to grow its news bureaus across the globe. In 1983, the network purchased Satellite News Channel, the only competitor among 24-hour news channels at the time. In 1991, the network increased its reputation with its live coverage of the Persian Gulf War.

As the 1990s continued, popularity among 24-hour news coverage increased and in response the company merged with Time Warner in 1996. In 2000, Time Warner merged with America Online. This expanded the CNN's reach and scope on the Internet. In the new century, CNN added live streaming technology, multimedia displays, audio packages and searchable archives to its website, CNN.com.

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