What Is CNN?

CNN, or the Cable News Network, is a 24-hour news channel broadcast on cable and satellite TV. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, owns CNN.

In the United States, CNN reaches more viewers on television, mobile devices and the web than any other news organization. It is also the most widely distributed news channel internationally, reaching over 260 million households worldwide. CNN has over 4,000 employees spread across 45 editorial operations around the world, and its networks and services are available to around two billion people globally. It is the world's most widely used news network, working with hundreds of local news organizations around the globe who supplement and carry CNN's news.

CNN broadcasts its news programming from its headquarters at the Time Warner Center in New York City, as well as from affiliate headquarters in Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Ted Turner, an American media proprietor, founded CNN in 1980. It was both the first 24-hour news channel and the first television network to offer strictly news. When it launched, its first anchors were David Walker and Lois Hart, a husband and wife reporter team. CNN won the Four Freedom Award for Freedom of Speech in 1988.