What Clothes Did Helen Keller Wear?

Photographs of Helen Keller show her in dresses. A Celebration of Women Writers includes parts I and II of "The Story of My Life," where an entry by her teacher, Ann Sullivan, written on June 19, 1887, says, "… she is very fond of dress and of all kinds of finery." Good Housekeeping shows a photo of Keller meeting Eisenhower in a dark, 3/4 sleeve length dress, fur and hat.

On Nov. 26, 1889, in a letter published in "The Story of My Life," 19-year-old Helen Keller writes to her sister, Mildred, describing a "swell winter outfit" that includes "coats, hats, gowns, flannels and all." She credits a French dressmaker with completing four dresses, of which Helen has two. One includes a black silk skirt, white poplin waist. The second is a green woolen dress trimmed in pink and green brocade. On Dec. 27, 1900, in a letter to Mrs. Laurence Hutton, Keller describes her new pale blue party dress as having a low neck, short sleeves and a train.

Biography.com says Keller's work includes taking part in the founding of the American Civil Liberties Union and serving with the American Federation for the Blind as well as organizations dedicated to helping the less fortunate.