How Do You Clean a Leather Chair?


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Clean a leather chair by vacuuming, washing with a lather made from a moisturizing facial soap and buffing with a dry cloth. Avoid getting the leather too wet and do not rinse. If there are stains, use the appropriate stain removal technique to clean them.

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How Do You Clean a Leather Chair?
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Leather that becomes dry tends to crack and rip. Moisturize leather by mixing a cup of white vinegar with a pint of linseed oil. Use a soft cloth to apply the mixture in a circular motion. After the oil mixture sits for about 10 minutes, buff the upholstery to remove any excess oil. Buff the chair a second time before sitting on it.

Remove ink stains using rubbing alcohol. Apply the alcohol with a cotton swab and dry using a hair dryer. If the area appears dry after ink removal, apply more of the linseed oil leather moisturizer and buff to restore the shine.

Remove dark stains from leather by applying a paste of equal parts lemon juice and cream of tartar. Remove the paste after 10 minutes. Reapply more paste if the stain remains.

For longest life, keep leather chairs away from direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays dry the leather and cause it to fade. If a chair must remain by a window, protect it with a shade.

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