What Are Some Classic Clown Makeup Styles?


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Classic clown makeup styles include the white-faced clown style and the Auguste clown style. Other classic clown makeup styles include the sad clown style and the character clown style.

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The Auguste clown makeup style features a flesh-tone base made up of pinks, reds and tans. The features on an Auguste clown are enlarged and are usually colored using red and black paint. The mouth and eyes are outlined in white. The makeup of an Auguste clown is used to highlight a person's most prominent natural features. Leon "Buttons" McBryde displays the Auguste clown makeup style.

There are two types of white-faced clowns. The classic white-faced clown makeup style is the standard clown style that features white makeup and accentuated eyes and eyebrows outlined in black. Francesco Caroli and Glenn "Frosty" Little are classic white-faced clowns.

The grotesque white-faced clown, also called the comedy clown, has more exaggerated makeup than the classic white-faced clown. The grotesque white-faced clown makeup style uses pure white paint to cover the entire face and neck. The ears are painted red, and none of the original skin color shows through the paint. The comedy clown has red lips, thick eyebrows and sometimes red triangles drawn on his cheeks. Bozo the clown is an example of the grotesque white-faced clown.

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