What Are Some Claims Made by Madison Cavanaugh in "The One-Minute Cure" Book?


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Madison Cavanaugh, in his book “The One-Minute Cure,” claims that his therapy cures virtually all diseases, including those termed incurable, such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and asthma. He claims that his healing therapy attacks the cause of the disease and eliminates it. As of August 2015, no credible medical organization has backed or supported the claims of Madison Cavanaugh, and the general medical community does not agree with his beliefs.

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An alternative health journalist, Madison Cavanaugh is also the author of seven books. In his book “The One-Minute Cure,” he talks about a natural healing therapy that cures all diseases. The cure in the book is based on the philosophy that lack of oxygen is the cause of most diseases and getting rid of the cause is the simplest way to cure the disease.

Cavanaugh argues that oxygen deprivation is the cause of all diseases, so an abundant supply of oxygen will kill anything that causes disease, such as cancer cells, microorganisms, toxins, pathogens and harmful bacteria. He also emphasizes the need to deliver the oxygen to tissues and cells, not just to the lungs or the bloodstream. He claims that his cure is designed to deliver oxygen to tissues and cells in the body.

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