How Do You Claim Your Prize If You Win Something From the Wheel of Fortune?

"Wheel of Fortune" contestants typically receive cash and prizes within 120 days. Contestants must pay taxes on cash and prizes within 120 days of the airdate of a show. does not specify a process contestants must follow to claim a prize won on the show.

"Wheel of Fortune" also rewards a daily cash prize of $5,000 to any viewer who is a member of the Wheel Watchers Club with a Spin ID. Club members obtain a Spin ID through a simple online registration process. Each night that "Wheel of Fortune" airs, someone announces a member's Spin ID.

The member claims the $5,000 prize at, under Check Spin ID. Wheel Watchers Club members with a winning Spin ID have 24 hours from the airdate of the show to claim a prize. If a particular Spin ID is a winner, "Wheel of Fortune" phones the Wheel Watchers Club member to confirm.

Sony, which owns the "Wheel of Fortune" franchise, still honors any Sony rewards points that a Wheel Watchers member previously earned for successfully solving the bonus round puzzle during a "Wheel of Fortune" broadcast. Though this program is now defunct, Wheel Watchers members with existing point balances on a Sony card can redeem these points for products at