What Is the Chronological Order of the "Outlander" Series?

What Is the Chronological Order of the "Outlander" Series?

The chronological order of the "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon is "Outlander," "Dragonfly In Amber," "Voyager," "Drums in Autumn," "The Fiery Cross," "A Breath of Snow and Ashes," "An Echo In The Bone" and "Written In My Own Heart's Blood" as of April, 2015. Diana Gabaldon also wrote a graphic novel based on the series titled "The Exile," which covers the first third of the series.

"Outlander" follows the story of Clare Randall, a former World War II combat nurse who is whisked away from her post-war world to the Scottish Highlands circa 1743. This strange new world leaves her torn between her husband Frank, who she left in 1946, and Jamie Fraser, a dashing Highland Scot.

"Dragonfly In Amber" picks up where "Outlander" left off and follows Claire and Jamie to Paris. It also tells another part of Claire's story set in 1968.

"Voyager" tells Jamie's story after the battle at Culloden. It follows Claire, her daughter Brianna and Roger MacKenzie as they try to piece together the past in 1968.

The subsequent five books in the series follow Claire and Jamie's journey to America in the years before and during the American Revolution.

Diana Gabaldon also wrote a series of novellas based on the adventures of Lord John Grey, a secondary character in the "Outlander" series who first appears in "Dragonfly In Amber." The four books in the series are: "Lord John and the Private Matter," "Lord John and the Hand of Devils," "Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade" and "The Scottish Prisoner."