What Is the Chronological Order of the Jesse Stone Novels?

The Jesse Stone novels begin with "Night Passage," "Trouble In Paradise," "Death In Paradise," "Stone Cold" and "Sea Change". These were followed by "High Profile," "Stranger In Paradise" and "Night And Day." Then came "Split Image," "Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues" and "Robert B. Parker's Fool Me Twice." "Robert B. Parker's Damned If You Do," "Robert B. Parker's Blind Spot" and "Robert B. Parker's the Devil Wins" were the last novels of the series.

The Jesse Stone novels were published between 1997 and 2015. The series has 14 books in total, with the first nine written by best-selling author Robert B. Parker. Following Parker's death at 77 in 2010, Michael Brandman continued the series, writing the following three books, and Reed Farrel Coleman wrote the last two. Once Coleman took over the novels, he took the decision not to copy Parker, concentrating instead on writing an interesting story for the fans. Coleman says it only took him about five minutes to come up with the plot for "Blind Spot." He knew that one of the central aspects of Stone's character was his regret over losing a possible career in baseball and he focused on regret when writing "Blind Spot."