What Is the Chronological Order of the Dragonlance Books?


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The Dragonlance book series is quite extensive and includes several sub-series set within the Dragonlance universe. Further confusing the issue, the books are not necessarily published in a chronological order that follows the timeline of the Dragonlance universe. Additionally, multiple authors are involved, rather than one writer like most series.

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The Dragonlance universe is vast and complex, with new novels being added frequently. Considered to be the first story set within the Dragonlance timeline, "The Dragons" by Douglas Niles was published in 1996, and is set in the year 8500 PC, or Pre-Cataclysm. The next novel in the series, "The Irda" by Linda P. Baker, is set in the Dragonlace year of 6320 PC, 2180 years after the event depicted in "The Dragons." However, "The Irda" was published in 1995, the year before "The Dragons" was released.

The next book, following the Dragonlance timeline chronologically, is "Children of the Plains" by Tonya C. Cook and Paul B. Thompson, and leaps forward 2303 years to 4017 PC. However, this novel was published four years after "The Dragons," in 2000. The very first book in the series, "Dragons of Despair" by Tracy Hickman, is set in the year 351 AC, or Alt-Cataclysm and was originally published in 1984, twelve years before "The Dragons."

The remainder of the series carries on in this rather haphazard fashion, with stories taking place in various eras of the Dragonlance timeline, essentially depending upon the whims of the particular author. To further confuse an attempt to organize these books into chronological order, there are several sub-series set within the Dragonlance universe including but not limited to The Champions, Elven Exiles, Dark Disciple, Legends and Chronicles. Any attempt by the average reader to read these books in a chronological order would be extremely difficult at best. Fortunately, there is an online resource available which lists the books in chronological order, recommended reading order and by date of publication.

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