What Is a Christmas Poem Using Candy Bar Names?

A Christmas poem using candy bar names can be created or found online; for example, a Christmas poem might read, "Wishing you hugs, kisses and special treasures to you at Christmas," with Hershey's Chocolate Hugs, Chocolate Kisses and Special Treasures toffee inserted into the poem. The poem itself is a gift of candy expressing a Christmas wish using the candy in place of the word. The candy bar poem can be written on heavy card stock and the candy can be attached using heavy duty tape or a glue gun.

Some examples of Christmas poetry using candy bar names:

The reason for this greeting is to wish you a carefree Christmas season.

Replace the word "reason" with a Reisen chocolate caramel and "carefree" with a pack of Carefree gum.

Don't go nuts battling the mounds of people doing their Christmas shopping!

Replace the word "nuts" with a bag of nuts and "mounds" with a Mounds chocolate bar.

Take a sweet escape and enjoy the symphony of carolers.

Replace the words "sweet escape" with a Sweet Escape chocolate bar and "symphony" with a Symphony chocolate bar.

Treat yourself during the holidays and don't worry about getting chunky. There will be good and plenty time to worry about that in January.

Replace the word "chunky" with a Chunky chocolate bar and "good and plenty" with Good & Plenty licorice candy.

May your cup overflow with special treasures and holiday memories.

Replace the word "cup" with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and "special treasures" with Special Treasure toffee.