Which Christian Music Videos Are Available on YouTube?

YouTube provides multiple options for finding Christian music videos such as searching by specific artist or song in the search bar or by browsing channels under Christian Music categories. One way to find related Christian music videos is by placing a hashtag in front of the search words. For example "#christiancountrymusic" will retrieve hundreds of videos that feature Christian country music.

in order to find Christian music videos on YouTube:

  1. Choose a search option
  2. Decide how to search for the Christian music video. A search can be broad for browsing or can be specific such as a song title or artist.

  3. Choose a filter search
  4. To further advance the search, users can click on the filter option. Located on the top left side of the search results screen, the filter can sort by upload date, type, duration and features. The filter search can assist users to focus search on videos that were upload in the past week or those in high definition. Videos can be filtered by channel, ratings or relevance to search words.

  5. Apply shortcuts and favorites
  6. Filter operation shortcuts can be added in your search. Enter the search words and filtering options right into the search window. For example, if someone is looking for only high-definition Christian videos with Rascal Flatts uploaded this year, enter "hd, this year, Rascal Flatts, Christian" to receive the detailed result list that correlates with the search words.