What Are Some Christian Children's Books?


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Some Christian children's books for kids under the age of 8 are "The Story Of King Jesus" and "God Talks With Me About Friendship." Some books for children between the ages of 8 and 12 are "At the Movies" and "Door In the Dragon's Throat."

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"The Story Of King Jesus" is an illustrated book that tells the Biblical history and divinity of Jesus and is targeted at children age 4 to 8. Some of the Biblical stories mentioned in the book are the creation story, God and Abraham's covenant, the origin of the nation of Israel, and the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. In "God Talks With Me About Friendship," Casey's family has moved and she is nervous about meeting new people. Casey prays to God about what she is feeling and recalls verses in the Bible that help her make new friends. This is an illustrated book targeted to children ages 7 and under.

"At the Movies" focuses on Sam and her desire to move from reporter to editor of her middle school newspaper. She stumbles across a big story but her editor tries everything possible to take it away from her. She struggles to make the right and honorable choices all along the way. In "The Door In the Dragon's Throat," the Cooper kids have adventures with their archaeologist father that might remind one of the "Indiana Jones" stories. Both books are chapter books and are targeted at children ages 8 through middle or high school.

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