What Are Some Facts About the ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System Featured on "Shark Tank"?


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The ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System featured on the third season of ABC's "Shark Tank" is a guitar-learning system that allows users to quickly learn to play basic guitar chords, including C, D, G and E-minor. The ChordBuddy system only works on acoustic or electric guitars; it does not work with classic guitars, left-handed guitars, or guitars one-half size or smaller, according to its website. The market price for the ChordBuddy is $49.95, as of July 2015.

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The ChordBuddy system attaches to the guitar strings, and it shows the proper placement of the fingers when playing each chord. The system is color-coded, making it easy to practice proper finger placement. As students learn more chords, they can opt to remove the tabs from the guitar's strings and make the chords on their own. The ChordBuddy system is designed so that students can play on their own after just 2 months of lessons.

The system comes with the placement tabs and an instruction book. It also comes with a DVD that helps students master the system and a 2-month lesson plan. The system includes a songbook with over 100 color-coded songs. The songs include a mix of titles from rock-n-roll, gospel, country and bluegrass music genres.

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