How Do You Choose Story Books for 3rd Graders?

How Do You Choose Story Books for 3rd Graders?

Parents can choose books for their third graders by taking the reading level, genre and other factors into consideration. Larger text and a subject the student in question enjoys, for instance, increase the chances of the student in question enjoying the book.

Third grade is when many students begin to read for the sake of learning, not just enjoyment. This can make choosing books tricky, since many students are still trying to decide which genre they enjoy.

  1. Judge a book by its cover
  2. When choosing books for a third grader, take a look at the cover. Make sure it is engaging and gives an idea about the subject of the book. Do not be surprised to find a few pictures within the book's pages.

  3. Check the reading level
  4. Taking into account a student's reading level is important because a book at a higher reading level may be too challenging, while a book that is too easy may become boring.

  5. Allow the student to choose
  6. Third grade is when students begin to develop their own tastes in books. They may love comic books or prefer nonfiction titles. Allow students to choose their own books with adult guidance.

  7. Choose an award-winning book
  8. Award-winning books offer students a relative guarantee of quality and engaging subjects with plenty of vocabulary-building words. Newbery Honor and Medal winners are some of the best for increasing a child's love of reading.