How Do You Choose a Cosplay Character?

How Do You Choose a Cosplay Character?

Choose a cosplay character by first deciding on a genre, and the overall look you want to achieve. Consider your skills, and come up with a budget and time-frame to make the costume. Ensure that you adhere to the convention rules.

  1. Select a genre

    Exercise your creative freedom when choosing a character. Think about your favorite comic book, manga or video game characters. You will enjoy cosplay more by choosing a genre that you are passionate about.

  2. Select a character

    Narrow down your choice to a character that you resemble even slightly. Ensure that it is a character that people recognize. Make or commission a unique costume that makes you stand out from other similar characters.

  3. Come up with a look

    Think about the overall look when choosing your cosplay character. Heavy props, clothes that are too hot or too cold for the season and irritating makeup are problematic. Conventions last for hours, so think about comfort when choosing your look.

  4. Consider your budget

    Keep in mind your budget and skill level when choosing a character costume. Ensure that you have enough money, skill and time to complete the costume in time for the convention.

  5. Follow the convention rules

    Familiarize yourself with convention rules especially those concerning decency. Other rules to consider include dress code, weaponry and accessories. Follow the rules to avoid problems getting into the event.