What Are Some of the Best Chinese TV Dramas?

What Are Some of the Best Chinese TV Dramas?

One of the best Chinese dramas is "Let's Get Married," which features two characters who have to overcome their fear of commitment to establish a stable romantic relationship. Many of the best Chinese dramas center around love and relationships.

Another popular Chinese drama centered around love is "Noble Bride: Regretless Love." This show focuses both on love and the conflict of interest between the various members of a powerful family dynasty.

Historical dramas are also popular in China. For instance, the show "Female Prime Minister," sometimes called "The Legend of Lu Zhen," tells the story of Lu Zhen, who works her way up the political structure of the ninth century Qi Dynasty until she eventually becomes the Prime Minister, China's second most powerful position.

"Phoenix Nirvana" is also a widely appreciated drama in China. This military drama follows the lives of three young female soldiers as they grow and mature in the Chinese special forces. "Phoenix Nirvana" was lauded by critics as being an accurate and insightful reputation of the role of females in the Chinese military.

Chinese dramas often incorporate humor into their plot lines. For instance, the popular show "Hot Mom" is a humorous interpretation of a young mother's transition into womanhood. However, the show balances its humor with an emotionally poignant look at how a child transforms priorities.