What Are the Cheers in the Movie "Bring It On"?

What Are the Cheers in the Movie "Bring It On"?

Cheers in the movie "Bring It On" are "Brr, It's Cold In Here" and "I'm Sexy, I'm Cute." At one point in the movie, both the Torros and Clover cheerleaders simultaneously perform a cheer, saying "we got the team, we can't be had."

In "I'm Sexy, I'm Cute," several of the cheerleaders demand a "roll call" and then introduce themselves to the audience one at a time. One character calls herself Big Red and says that it is time to "pass the torch." Big Red says that the ballots are in and Torrence is the new captain of the cheer-leading squad. The cheerleaders end the cheer by yelling "We're so terrific, we must be Torros."

Additional words in "I'm Sexy, I'm Cute" focus on the cheerleaders' own opinion of their popularity and good looks. The cheerleaders talk about the team members' popularity, great hair and beauty. In the cheer, the team yells that they dominate the school and they "roar."

In "Brr, It's Cold in Here," the cheerleaders yell that there must be "some Torros in the atmosphere." Later in the movie, it becomes apparent that the Torros learned many cheers from the Clover cheer-leading team. At one point, the Clovers humiliate the Torros by joining them in a cheer at the same time.

Both teams cheer that "We're the best, so score them points." The cheerleaders promise to rock "this joint." The Clovers then yell that the Torros stole cheers from the Clovers and that the Clovers cheer better than the Torros.

"Brr, It's Cold in Here" says that Torros in the atmosphere must cause the cold temperature in the area. The cheer goes on to say "ice, ice, ice." The cheer then yells to "slow it down," and the cheerleaders repeat the same lyrics.