How Do You Check the Lexile of a Book?


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There are over 400 available websites to look up the Lexile measurement of a book, based on the title. Such sites include the Lexile and Scholastic websites, both of which can measure the reading level of a book and provide a list of common books and their assigned levels.

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The Lexile analyzer, a technology produced specifically to evaluate texts, analyzes the text's word frequency and sentence length characteristics and assigns it a Lexile measurement so that people can determine which books suit them best to read based on their own Lexile measurements. A Lexile measure is the readability of a book. of how difficult a level a book is considered. A Lexile measures typically from 0L to 2000L, but the scale has no definable end. The higher the number on the scale, the harder the book is to read. For example, books like "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss would receive typically below a score of 100L, while "A Brief History of Time" by Steven Hawking would receive a score of around 1300L.

The purpose for the Lexile testing is to let readers know what area of books they should begin with to suit their knowledge, and to assist in helping readers advance to upper level books at a pace that follows their capabilities.

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