How Do You Find Cheap Houses to Build?


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To find cheap houses to build, consider using a stock house plan from a home building business. Choose a plan from a reputable company that closely resembles the home you need or desire instead of building one to your exact specifications to save thousands of dollars.

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Another option is to perform the contracting work yourself if you are familiar with construction. This requires time, materials and managing subcontractors. Since hiring a contractor is one of the most significant expenses associated with building a home, this saves a large percentage of the cost. If you aren't ready to contract, take over the job of one or more subcontractors, such as painting or installing cabinets. Save between $5,000 and $10,000 by painting the inside and outside of the home yourself.

Another option is to use low cost materials for the facade of the house, such as thin brick. Brick is an expensive material, but thin brick is about one-third of normal brick's depth and much less expensive. One other way to find a cheap build is to build a two-story home instead of a single story home. A 2,000 square foot one-story home is much more expensive than a two-story home of the same size because it requires more land and a larger foundation.

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