How Do You Find Charts for Top Alternative Songs?


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Find charts for top alternative songs by visiting the Billboard website. Billboard publishes three different current charts in the alternative genre featuring the most recent hits and allows visitors to search its archives to view other previous alternative charts.

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How Do You Find Charts for Top Alternative Songs?
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Billboard publishes dozens of music charts in a variety of genres. To find the alternative music charts on Billboard.com, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Billboard website
  2. Point any Web browser to the Billboard website. From Billboard's homepage, hover over the "Charts" tab. Slide down to the "Additional Genres" link. From the redirected page, scroll down to one of the three alternative charts, labeled "Alternative Songs," "Alternative Albums" and "Adult Alternative Songs." Click on the chart desired to pull it up.

  3. View or search the chart
  4. After pulling up the desired chart, view the chart, or use the arrow key at the top of the chart to scroll back to charts from previous weeks. Use the "Archive Search" box to search for charts from a specific date by entering a month, date and year combination and clicking the blue magnifying glass icon.

  5. Listen to music from the site
  6. On the chart, some songs have a Spotify icon that lets users with Spotify service listen to the song from the site. Songs with the video camera icon have associated videos on Billboard's site for viewing, and clicking on the icon lets users see those videos if desired.

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