What Are the Charter Cable TV Channels?


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Charter Spectrum cable TV channels include HBO, Showtime, Fox, ESPN and MTV. As of 2015, Charter Spectrum offers approximately 125, 175 and 200 channels according to different tiers of service: Select, Silver and Gold, respectively. Select service does not include premium channels, such as Cinemax and Starz.

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What Are the Charter Cable TV Channels?
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As of 2015, Charter Spectrum's specific channel lineup and the amount of channels offered differs from region to region. For example, Charter Spectrum's customers in Montgomery, Alabama, have approximately 600 channels from which to choose. In Chatham, New York, they have roughly 100 channels.

Network channels, such as NBC and CBS, are standard across all regions. The types of programs each network or premium channel offers are also consistent across regions. HBO programs, such as "HBO Championship Boxing" and "Game of Thrones," are available to customers with Silver service whether they live in Alabama or New York.

Similarly, Charter Spectrum's customers in various regions have access to the same Showtime programs, such as "Penny Dreadful" and "Ray Donovan." Fox includes "Fox News" and Fox shows, such as "Gotham" and "American Idol." "Monday Night Football" on ESPN and "Teen Wolf" on MTV air in all the regions that Charter Spectrum serves, which amounts to some 28 states.

Charter Spectrum's website contains complete channel lineups corresponding to a specific address or a particular state and city. It is available to current customers and prospective subscribers.

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