What Are Some of Charlie Chaplin's Popular Films?

Some of Charlie Chaplin's most popular films include "City Lights," "Modern Times" and "The Great Dictator." Other popular Chaplin films include "The Kid," "The Gold Rush" and "Limelight."

Many of Charlie Chaplin's films are considered among the best movies ever made, particularly in the comedy genre. "City Lights," released in 1931, is often cited as his best, with praise for its blend of romance and comedy. In 2007, the American Film Institute named it the 11th greatest film of all time. Other Chaplin films with a love story include "Modern Times," released in 1936, and "The Circus," released in 1928. He also produced several popular slapstick comedies, including "The Kid" and "The Gold Rush."

Though Chaplin was best known for his silent comedies, one of his most popular films is "The Great Dictator," a political satire released in 1940. The film was Chaplin's first film with dialogue, and is an explicit criticism of Nazi Germany, with Chaplin's physical resemblance to Adolf Hitler used to mock the infamous dictator. One of Chaplin's last movies, "Limelight," also featured dialogue, and starred Chaplin alongside Buster Keaton, another silent era comedian. Though filmed in 1952, "Limelight" was released in 1972 due to legal issues, but went on to receive critical acclaim. It was Chaplin's final film released, as he died in 1977.