What Are Some Facts About Charles Krauthammer?

What Are Some Facts About Charles Krauthammer?

Some facts about Charles Krauthammer are that he was a frequent contributor to Fox News programming, and that he sustained a catastrophic spinal injury while attending medical school. Krauthammer's older brother, Marcel, died of cancer. Krauthammer's career accolades include a Pulitzer Prize. In addition to journalism and television, Krauthammer worked in medicine and politics.

Krauthammer severed his spinal cord while diving. The accident occurred during Krauthammer's years in medical school. When he sustained his injury, one of the books in his possession at the pool was "The Anatomy of the Spinal Cord."

Despite his accident, he completed his medical degree from Harvard University. Krauthammer's medical study included psychiatry. Prior to Harvard, Krauthammer studied at McGill University and Oxford University. Krauthammer launched his journalism career at "The New Republic."

In addition to his contributions to Fox News, Krauthammer contributed to "Inside Washington" on PBS. He also wrote for "The Washington Post" and served as an editor of "The Weekly Standard." In addition to a Pulitzer Prize, he won the 1984 National Magazine Award for Essays and Criticisms and the 2013 William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence. Before working in journalism, Krauthammer served a residency in psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. He also wrote speeches for U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale.

Despite Krauthammer's career in television, his parents didn't allow him to watch significant amounts of television as a child. Krauthammer recalls traveling to a neighbor's house weekly to watch "The Ed Sullivan Show." He reports a close relationship with his older brother. Krauthammer is the author of a book titled "Things That Matter." Krauthammer passed away from small intestine cancer on June 21, 2018.